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If you are looking for the perfect food for breakfast, lunch, dinner or snacks then Burek is for you. Burek is a pastry filled with cheese, vegetables, or meat and surrounded by a flaky and delicious phyllo dough crust. At Solero, all of the burek we make is top-notch, and the reason comes down to one word: tradition. Burek is a food with hundreds of years of history; recipes passed down from generation to generation, and we want you to experience that history every bite. Our recipes start with fresh, quality ingredients and are handcrafted to assure that everything from the flaky phyllo crust, to the savoury fillings, are perfect. Even the lamb and pork for our meat burek comes straight from the butcher and is roasted inside our bakery. Our team of European bakers then use their skill and expertise to hand-craft every burek we sell so you can enjoy the authentic taste and texture you simply can't get with machines

Our Breads

Nothing provides the feeling of warmth, family, and home like a loaf of freshly baked bread. Here at Solero you'll be able to enjoy the taste and comfort of homemade bread whenever you want. We always use high-quality ingredients and make sure our bakers craft the bread by hand so you can enjoy the authentic traditional taste that you love. Our master baker has over 35 years experience in crafting and perfecting the perfect loaf of bread. His passion and dedication to his craft are found inside everything he makes. Our rolls, buns, and breads are all delicious, but by far our most popular is our rye. People make the journey from all across the city to take home loaves of our master baker's delicious rye bread.


New to the Solero bakery is our selection of sweet delectable desserts. The recipes have been taken from our grandmothers' kitchens and brought directly to you. We always use the same simple quality ingredients like nuts, butter, eggs and real dark chocolate to make sure you get the authentic taste of home. Mediterranean cakes are a bit different from those you typically find baked in North America. Our cakes do not focus on size or toppings but instead focus on what's inside. Our hand made treats are densely packed with nothing but the highest quality ingredients so you can enjoy much more flavour in a much smaller portion. We aren’t concerned with how much cake we can give you, but instead, we just want you to have that one single perfect bite.

  • - Sveto
    Wonderful pastries burek and all the goodies from the old country very friendly and helpful staff
    - Sveto
  • -Jeremy BBenthem
    This place is great. Best Burek in town !
    -Jeremy BBenthem
  • - Oliver
    Delicious burek!
    - Oliver
  • - David J
    Great bakery with good variety and an authentic feel.
    - David J
  • -Gina Mulic
    We love Solero Bakery. It's well stocked with several Eastern European brands and foods. We often pick up frozen burek for dinner or when we have a bunch of people over.
    -Gina Mulic
  • - Drew Woods
    We get out bread day old so it's discounted. Their deli meats are amazing as well. And of course their bakery is great. My wife likes the chocolate croissants and I usually get a cinnamon bun. But their burek is what I love most. So good as a breakfast.
    - Drew Woods
  • - Stan B
    Great bakery tucked into the corner. Offers fresh bakes goods and some cheese European pastries. Some good deli section as well with cheese and meat selection. Recommended
    - Stan B

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